Good plan January! NordVPN: 3 extra months free + NordPass password manager offered!


On the occasion of this new year, NordVPN offers 3 additional months free of charge as well as the NordPass password manager (value of 177,09€) for any 3-year subscription!

Nord VPN: Good plan January

For this new decade that is beginning, NordVPN offers you 3 extra months free for any subscription of a 3 year subscription for only 3,17€/month! An offer not to be missed to enjoy the most complete, simplest and fastest VPN on the market at a sacrifice price. And that’s not all, because for the New Year, NordVPN also offers you the NordPass password manager, usually sold for 177.09 euros. In addition to the three months free of charge, you can now enjoy 80% savings by taking out a three-year subscription to NordVPN!

Website Nord VPN :

NordVPN is the French reference in terms of VPN. It is the fastest on the market, and it keeps you safe from trackers and cookies, and preserves your anonymity in all circumstances. NordVPN allows you to download easily via P2P protocols without reprisals, and can log you in nearly 59 countries around the world.

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