Cocaine trafficking on PlayStation: Sony asked to provide all player data to the FBI


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a search warrant for Sony to collect data from a user suspected of dealing cocaine via the PlayStation Network (PSN) service.

A case that is both comical and unusual. An individual suspected of running cocaine through the PlayStation Network (PSN) service is wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), reports Motherboard. The US agency filed a search warrant in the Western District of Missouri on 22 October and is asking Sony Interactive Entertainment to provide it with the user’s data.

Anonymous informant

Launched in November 2006, PlayStation Network is a multiplayer games and online media service developed by the Japanese brand. Curtis Alexander, named after the suspect, is suspected of using the platform to sell large quantities of cocaine. The man nicknamed “Dola”, or “Speedola “20 (user name), charged $34,000 per kilo directly to his customers.

Problem: an anonymous informant is said to have tipped off the FBI. In the course of their investigation, the agents took a close look at Curtis’s activities. The informant even went so far as to pose as a customer wishing to buy 100 grams of powder in exchange for a check for $4,000. The two men simply used PlayStation’s messaging service to close the deal.


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